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Stampin' Up! Backstage - Leadership Las Vegas

My friend and accountability partner Joni Martin and I left Janesville at 7am and headed to O'Hare airport! Our flight was at 10:30 and we arrived at 12:30 in Las Vegas (they are 2 hours behind us)

We took a Taxi to the Red Rock Resort. It was huge!!! We then checked into our room which they already had ready! LOVE that! Unpacked and went to Yard House for lunch.

One of the cool things about the Red Rock Resort is that their are casinos, restaurants, food court, movie theater, bowling alley (yes bowling alley) full spa, a bakery, two Starbucks and a few shops all in the resort. Needless to say we didn't need to go anywhere! Oh and did I mention a HUGE and I mean HUGE pool areas with pools for everyone but also private pools for those who booked a Cabana! They even had a bar and grill in the pool area!

After lunch Joni and I went back up to our room and relaxed for a little while. Early morning traveling is exhausting! Once we were refreshed we decided to go see a movie. We saw Haunted Mansion. Afterwards we had pizza and custard! LOL it was very yummy! Walked around to see everything and then headed to bed!

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