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Order Blends Throughout the Year and Earn FREE Product

Love your Stampin' Up! Blends? Well I have the perfect thing for you!

Did you know there are 36 different color Stampin' Up! Blends? There are 27 of our regular color Stampin' Up! Blends and currently 9 of our In Color Blends. So here is the deal.... On the 15th of every month I will place a Stampin' Up! Blends order. If you are Ordering On Line - you may order anytime before the 15th

For every 3 Stampin' Up! Blends that you purchase a month you will get a "Marker Point". If you collect 8 out of 12 "Marker Points" you will earn a $25 Voucher with me to spend on whatever you want!


1. In order to get your "Marker Point" for the month you have to give your order to me by the 15th. I will place the orders on the 16th of every month.

2. You ONLY get one "Marker Point" a month. Example: If you purchased 6 Blends in October you would not get 2 "Marker Points". You would ONLY get one.

3. Blend Club will begin October 1st 2021 - September 30th 2022

4. I will have a specific HOSTESS CODE for Blends Club every month on my Blog if you choose to order yours in my On Line Store.

5. Color Lifter is not included in the Blend Club

6. Marker Points are excluded from Club, Classes or personal orders.

7. I will have a printable card for you to mark the months you participated in the Blends Club.

After you have participated in 8 months message me or mail your cards to me and I will mail you your $25 Voucher. I don't know about you but I LOVE Stampin' Up! Blends and I use them often. They are NOT a refillable marker so when they are well loved you just have to replace them.

This is NOT a monthly commitment. This is up to you each month. You do NOT need to let me know expect if you want to give me your order. Please message me if you have ANY questions!!!

Print your own Tracker Sheet to keep Track: ( you can always find this sheet under "More" at the top of my blog!

Blend Club - Marker Points
Download PAGES • 236KB

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