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I Would LOVE for you to Join my Month Hostess Club

I would love for you to join my monthly Hostess Club! We have a great time and it’s a great opportunity for you to get your Stampin’ Up! Products a little each month.

When: 1st Tuesday of every month

Where: My House

Time: 6pm-8pm

How Long: Depends on how many people are in it. Example: If there are 3 people then it will run 3 month. Currently we have 6 people in club.

How Does It Work?

Everyone who is in Hostess Club will get a turn at being the Hostess and collecting all of the Hostess Rewards. Before we begin I will draw names for the entire time so you will know who is Hostess each month.


You must place a minimum order of $35 every month.

What If I Can’t Make It?

NO PROBLEM we will make your cards for you. You will just have to give me your order that day before club starts.

When Are the Orders Placed?

All Club orders are placed the next day.

Will We Make Cards?

ABSOLUTELY!! You will always make 3 cards. I pick either a stamp set or bundle and design, cut & prep 3 fabulous cards for you! Envelopes are included!

Deadline for This Round of Hostess Club?

Friday, May 27th

MOST IMPORTANT Question…..When Do We Start?

Tuesday, June 7th

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