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How I Organized My Cardstock Scraps

My craft space has many units from Ikea. I use this Alex unit which has 9 drawers for all of the Cardstock scraps. Before I would just place my scraps loosly inside. I tried to organize them in rainbow order however the first 5 drawers are much smaller than the last 4. I have a lot more scraps of blues and greens so my purples and browns are in the smaller drawers.

Top to Bottom-

  1. Pinks

  2. Reds

  3. Yellows, Corals and Oranges

  4. Browns

  5. Purples

  6. Blues

  7. Greens

  8. Black, Grays and Very Vanilla

  9. White

As you can see from the picture got out of control!! I found that I was spending more time digging through it all and event the the color I wanted would be in there I might not have found it so I cut into a new piece. Before I knew It I just had so much.

I also like to travel for weekends with my Crafty Cats team and friends to craft. Well if I'm crafting for the weekend then I'm just bring new CS because this was too much of a mess to deal with so I found a new solution.

I bought these Clear Plastic envelopes on Amazon. I like that they have velco on them. I gave each color cardstock their own envelope and I labeled them! Then set them back nicely in the drawers. This is EASY to grab to craft and EASY to grab and go. Plus my drawers look so much better! I don't have anxiety or frustration every time I open these drawers! Scroll down to find the links to what I used!

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