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How Do You Store Your Dies & Embossing Folders?

How do you store your dies and embossing folders?

My husband made me a wooden box. I painted it and then used my Cricut Air 2 to add the decals on. I used the 8 x 7 Magnetic Sheets from Stamp n Storage. No I am not affiliated with Stamp n Store. I just use a lot of their storage stuff. I love it!

Here are the sheets I use. They do come in different sizes.

Now I don't have these magnetic sheets for all of my dies. I generally use these for all of my basic dies or my go to dies. The ones I use a lot! Sometimes If a stamp set has a matching die and I don't use the magnetic sheets I then use a good old fashion rubber band to band them together.

My husband made me two wooden boxes. One for my dies and one for my embossing folders HOWEVER if you do not have some that can make you these do not worry. has wooden boxes too. I"m also sure you could be creative and find lots of other things you could use to store these items in.

I would LOVE for you to share with me and others how you store your Dies & Embossing Folders.

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